Flat Fee Broker

Anyone out there ever sell/list for a “flat fee” online? I know it’s kinda cutting our buddies out of 15-20,000 of “hard” earned dollers but… I need the money.

Scott, the Realty Industry, is a challenging profession. To use quotes “hard” is a dis-service to them. Remeber, they ONLY get paid if there is a close. Also, the individual agent(s) received only a small percentage of the commission.

If they do not close at least twice/month, it is very difficult to make a living.

Of that $15-20K, the Agents usually makes enough to pay a months worth of bills and expenses from the small percentage they receive from that. Also, Subtract the marketing expense the Agent provided, out of thier own pocket, and it’s even less.

Scott, it take more “than just” placing a property on the MLS. Lazy Agents only do that. GREAT ones actually MARKET properties.