Flat Roof Coating

Help me out here please. Is the silver coating on this roof OK? Isn’t this used on metal roofs or is it ok to be used on rolled rubber roofs. This is a rubber roof, correct? I don’t see these types of roofs often and any deviation to the norm gets me over thinking.

Read the tech sheet

Thanks Roy, tech sheet says not recommend for wood or asphalt shingle roofs so it’s Ok for this one.

Observation - based on what I see in the photos, I question the actual coverage. Should it not be more evenly applied? Or is it just me?

Yes it does.

Looks like they ran out of it and never went back to finish.

Looks like they used a rake to put that coating on. That UV coating has no value. I would not consider this roofing to be EPDM rubber. Looks more like a mod bit smooth that is mopped in.

That is not a rubber roof.
Old bit roof covering is my guess and that coating is not applied correctly by any means.

What?..a nice neat job like that? LOL!!! :roll:

That roof is a joke…not even any can’t strips. :shock:

FUBAR roofing system functioning as intended.

Or, in English,
The roof is deteriorated and has been unprofessional repaired. We recommend that these conditions be corrected by a Qualified Roofing Contractor.

Yes from pictures it does appear that it is a rubber roof and coating job is far from complete.

EPDM comes in 10’ and 20’ rolls typically unless it is an extreme small job and special order.

It comes in 45 and 60 mils thick.

Those pictures are showing a different material.

Of course, this type of roof coating is OK for rolled rubber roofs. If you want roof coating on wood or asphalt shingles roofs, then it deviates from the norms. So, you can perform silver roof coating on rubber roofs to provide an additional protection. It also decreases the energy bills by minimizing the trapping of heat from the sunlight.


I don’t know exactly about the roof paint but when I was about to start roof work, I had contacted many Roofers in Austin and some of them suggested me for the Wood shingles. :smiley:

Here I have posted some useful links which I found. Hope this will work for you:



My comment would be that some type of material had been applied over the surface of the existing roof-covering material and that it did not appear to have been applied in a professional manner,

and my recommendation would be to have it evaluated by a qualified roofing contractor to determine what effect it might have on the long-term life expectancy of the roof-covering material.

y’all are missing the artistic representation
those panels would be worth millions had Cy Twombly applied


The roof is a mess in layman’s language. The reflexive mess on the roof is also a mess in layman’s language.
Observation: Low Sloped Roof: Appears to be a recovered roofing system with a single ply selvage layer.
1: Poorly covered roof. 2: Not professional by apparence.
3: Lack of adequate durable flashing.
Recommend: Further review by a licensed roofing contractor.
Limitations. Roof was mounted. General roof description only.

I can not narrate what you should understand.
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