Flex water line into concrete

This line was added (apparently) to provide water service to an ice maker on the other side of this exterior kitchen.

Problem or not?

Not allowed here and neither is galv piping for gas however.

Normally, isn’t gas piping sleeved through concrete to allow gases to escape should there be a leak at some point?

So yes, I think I’ll call out both.

You’re up late Bob!

Tell me about it.
I always am, but finishing a report then a couple more jobs tomorrow.
Lots of driving.

Same here. I figure I’d save a couple hundred bucks per month in gas if I moved further north. Seems most of my jobs recently are up there. Of course, property is WAY more expensive there so maybe it’s not such a good idea :slight_smile:

Might change the Karma.:slight_smile:

This field can beat you up on sleep at times…chasing $$$$$.

No its sleeved to prevent the concrete from corroding the metal piping and to prevent soil expansion and contraction from moving the piping