Flicker damage and possible cure

Colorado: flickers (woodpeckers) do a lot of damage. Here’s photos of patched and existing holes from nesting activity. When I bagan the exterior inspection I discovered speakers in the bushes playing loud, desperate sounds of flickers being eaten by cats. Pellet gun in garage.

This solution works often:
Place birdhouse designed for flickers (or whatever bird is drilling holes in the exterior walls) directly over the existing hole and the offending bird will use the birdhouse and stop drilling.


I have peckers beat on my gas vents at about 5 in the morning!!! Every morning this time of year it wakes me up. I have tried most everything to stop them , but nothing seems to work!!!

Prevent WoodPeckers
WoodPecker Repeller
Control WoodPeckers

If I placed a pecker house over every hole the peckers pecked in my cedar siding my house would look like the aviary at the zoo…I prefer to shoot them with my pellet gun…sometimes when I’m really pissed I shoot them with my shotgun and apologize to the neighbors later…and sometimes the police. I hate peckers.