flickering lite

My bathroom light seems to dim when say like a blowdryer is being used in the bedroom next to it . Also seems to flicker alittle should i get this checked out by a sparky? i did check the plugs in the walls and they are drawing the 120v , can anyone help?

Yes Please do it as soon as possible .
There can be many different things that could cause this and it does need immediate attention .
Roy Cooke… Retired electrician

It is most likely on the same circuit as the blower dryer. Any heating element draws a lot of power, which is why the light dims. The flicker may happen if it is a flouresent light. Try changing the ballast to a better ballast or just chage the whole fixture rated for damp locations.

Also could be on the same circuit as Steven stated…but with the increased LOAD on the circuit it could be a loose netural condition as well…kinda gotta be their to do some tests…right now we can only speculate i think.

Dimming lights…power problem.

Flickering lights…needs attention.