Flir announces drone camera $3,000

Not a bad price if you are doing fly by inspections …:slight_smile:


Uses advanced Flir One Technology.

If searching for moisture on a commercial flat roof is your goal, from the air, then trusting in the FlIR ONE would make me fearful of the liability I would be exposing myself too… if I missed anything. The cost for that kind of mistake could be huge. I would not want to even think about it.

Now, if you just want to have fun, then that is another story. Enjoy.

Yes, just a toy.

You haters are funny and did not even click the link. Humorless SOB:s. I made up the One part.
I thought Inspectors were supposed to be investigative.

Oh, I thought you were going to start using a FLIR ONE for aerial infrared scans. I was hoping that you understood that the camera being promoted was not a FLIR ONE. Now I see you were just trying to be funny and not stupid. I really thought you were going to duct tape your toy camera to a drone. Your really a funny guy… oh my.

The irony is hilarious :lol:

It definitely takes some good pictures flir one and some duct tape lol.

As far as hardware goes the Vue Pro R is basically a FLIR Tau2 core with a built in digital recorder that records the radiometric data onto MicroSD.

Do note that this does NOT record radiometric video (ie. FLIR .seq files), but instead only records normal MPEG4 video and takes radiometric JPEGs at set intervals (although for inspection use that’s more than enough)