Flir B Cam Problem

Hey folks,

I have a Flir BCam which was bought used for a very very good deal from someone who was getting out of the business. The problem I have with it is that it takes blurry pictures. It is almost like the focus will not adjust enough to get a clear infrared image. I am thinking the lens is no good anymore, but does anyone have any suggestions?

Post some pictures?

Have you rubbed the lense with any type of cleaner?

How are you processing your IR photos into your computer?

Are you using any software to load the photos or resize them?

Has the image degraded since you owned it? or… always poor since you owned it?

Have you shown your camera to a local FLIR Rep in your area?

Each answer might help isolate some possible issues.

I think i’m going to end up sending it to Flir, but was looking for some possible suggestions as to what may be wrong with it. Do you think it could just need calibration? I’m not sure if that will effect image quality or not.