Flir B400 (High Temp) Infrared Camera for sale

Basically brand new and in excellent condition.
Features: Thermal Fusion Functionality, Interchangeable Optics, 1.3 Megapixel Visual Camera, Automatically associates the visual and thermal JPEG Images, compatible with optional Microsoft Word Based ThermaCam Reporter Software, 5 Temperature spots and Delta T functionality, touch screen technology adds markers, draws sketches, Auto and Manual focus with 8x continuous digital zoom, auto hot/cold spot & audio/visual alarms, large 3.5’ color LCD Display, thermal video, optic head & display screen are independently rotatable for optimum viewing, and various others. This is a feature rich camera. Additional High Temp –20°C to +1200°C (0-350C)

(3 temperature ranges)added
If you are interested or have additional questions, please reply to this post. This is a great deal!
$16,500.00 or best offer.