FLIR B400 - Near Mint Condition - Save $6k

My flir b400 camera is no longer available due to being purchased off ebay

looking forward to my new flir upgrade!! Yeee hawww!


What are you upgrading to??

Isn’t this the camera you dropped and broke and Flir upgraded for you?

And that was free, was it not?

See something at InfraMation you like?! :wink:

Yep David, I paid $2k for the InfraMation package that included the $500 value inspection and cleaning. During the conference it checked out at 90.1 while checking for 90. It’s definitely calibrated correctly but it should be considering it was just completely refurbished and upgraded to the B400 model on Sept. 19-2010. I have all the Calibration and upgrade documentation.

The camera is still only about a year old total(2009 Model) and it still has 4 months left under the B400 warranty.

Camera being dropped is a little harsh. Fell forward off the black pelican case and landed directly on the auto-focus button is a bit more accurate. FLIR refurbished the camera back to new condition while upgrading it to the new B400. It’s basically in mint condition with 4 months left on the warranty.

I’m down in California at the moment taking the United Infrared MoistureFindIR course but yes I did find another camera that I’m wanting at the InfraMation conference.

I believe $9k is a VERY fair price so if it goes it goes and if doesn’t well than I still have a great camera. I want be upset either way.

You shouldn’t ask a Magician how he does his tricks:mrgreen:

You can fool some of the people all of the time, and all of the people some of the time, but you can not fool all of the people all of the time.:mrgreen::mrgreen::mrgreen:
It’s just amazing to see how fast your business has grown, with you offering such services asfree aerial roof inspections. Did you learn how to do those aerial inspections, at your INACHI Infrared Certification webinar?:mrgreen::mrgreen::mrgreen: Now I can see you gaining some knowledge at your Moisture Find training, Scott Wood is a leading authority on Building Science investigations.;):wink:

You betcha! Once you’ve completed the Infrared Certified Webinar than you can do it all!!:mrgreen:

I’m actually about to start offering Underwater Scooba Submarine Inspections. Yes I know, your probably thinking that’s not possible. Well once you become Infrared Certified than ANYTHING is possible:mrgreen:. I may even bid on a few NASA space shuttle inspections here in the near future.

Your right about Scott Wood(Einstein). He was a great instructor and I did learn quite a bit. I’m hoping I can get him out to Utah for his building science class sometime in the near future.

United Infrared has done a great job of picking highly qualified and reputable instructors.