Flir b60

Anyone using the Flir b60? Satisfied with performance and quality?

Very happy with mine. The only real “annoyance” is FLIR’s poor screen brightness (common to their cameras). This is only a factor outside and an umbrella eliminates this problem.

Overall quality, features, performance is outstanding. I have 2 FLIR cameras. The B60 was an upgrade from a BCAM SD.

Under what conditions do you use your B-60 outside during the day??

For checking pool heat pumps and suspect areas on stucco homes, just to name a few. There’s a mryiad of exterior uses.

John : Im looking to buy a ir camera i like the flir were did you pick yours up and at what price.

Also when I’m bored :mrgreen:




I had the same problem with my BCAM-SD, so I designed a visor for it. My B360 comes with a visor from Flir.

That is a nice job. I will keep it in mind if anyone comments about that for this i or b Series units.


Thanks OJ, I have given a bunch of these mounts to NACHI members. I don’t have any more but I can certainly make more if you want one.

Looks good Mario. Good improvising.

Thanks John!!

Cool idea.:cool: