Flir battery charger ?

I have this battery charging system for my Flir BX 320.

The other day I had trouble will one of my batteries not accepting a charge.

In one of my Flir classes this issue was mentioned and a solution was discussed. I can’t seem to remember what was said because I did not have this type of camera then.

Can anyone recall hearing anything about this or have a solution to this problem.

The battery charges up to the last flashing indicator but does not complete the charge and the battery does not operate in the camera.

I let the batteries set for a couple of days and I just plugged it in the charger and it is beginning a charge cycle which indicates there was absolutely no charge on the battery.

We will see how this progresses.

This is the same type of charging system for all cameras except for the BCAM type cameras.

Haven’t heard of the issue. Have you tried charging it directly in the camera rather than through the charging base?

Battery is most likely bad. You will need to replace. This happened to me once when I ran the battery down. Battery was dead… I think I bought a spare through professional

I think Shawn is correct "Battery is most likely bad "

I have a battery in my FLIR B2 That gets mix up with my BX320 Same battery. one of them is bad. I need to get that one replaced.



I tried using the camera. The light just flashes like the charger, on the last light (indicator).

Yes, I’m sure your right. The battery is toast.
It was working fine but just would not “talk” to the camera and will not take a charge.
Charlie B. lost a battery the same way I think.

A Flir Tech came to our Building Science class and I think he said something about the battery. I just can’t remember what he said. He told us a lot about the cameras and batteries. Or it may have been Bob Rodgers…

I’ll give them a call today when I’m on the road.

Thanks guys.

They still let you drive and talk on ya cell in TN?


Anyone need a BX320 battery? P/N: 1195106-05
I found a good deal ($165 vs. >$250) on them.
Anyone know of a better price? It’s a true 2.1Ah vs 1.7Ah capacity.
Had to hunt for hours. The company called me back to confirm within the hour. Seems to have good service policy.


Just for my knowledge…How long did this (now) dead battery last you and how frequently did you use it?

About Year and a half.
Used about 3 days a week.

After talking with Flir, I think I ran down the battery and did not charge it for about 4 days (over the weekend) and it was in the very cold during that time. I forgot about it.

It was working fine. Long life, short re-charge. It just wouldn’t do anything when I turned the camera back on to check the battery charge.

Flir says that the camera never really shuts off and will use the battery if left in the camera. Full discharge will damage the circuit board in the battery.

There is a 10 yr battery inside the camera to save settings.

If you start your camera and it defaults to B&W (when it was not last used in that pallet) that is an indication of internal battery fault.

The information I was looking for here was about older versions of this battery (-02 , -03).

So if you see the “low battery” indicator, remove it from the camera ASAP even if you can’t re-charge it right away.

I always remove my battery upon placing it back into the carrying case.

I always charge them after each use and I never allow them to lose their charge fully.

Another thing I do is I swap the battery at every use. I never use the same battery twice in a row.

In the freezing cold, my camera is always with me in conditioned areas.

So far I’ve gotten almost three years out of the original batteries.

For those of you who have a dead FLIR battery or two …Just curious how much do you want for one?

Please let me know.



Buy new. Used batteries have no guarantee.

If you can afford an IR camera, you can afford a couple hundred dollars for a new battery.

I need the battery to do some experimenting with, not to use in my or any other camera.


PS Need one ASAP.

I was always under the understanding that you should let your battery run all the way down before a recharge. this ways the battery will not set a false base. ?



That is with NiCd batteries only. The ones FLIR uses are Li Ion …no memory.

Still in need of that dead FLIR battery , someone has to have one they want to get rid of!!!


Chuck Can you provide some information on the type of test you are doing?

I have a battery its is a flir battery just like a BX320 But another camera not sure of the camera it is for. As far as i know its a good battery but has not had a charge in a long time. like a year or more.

You are welcome to the battery I would only ask that if your test information will help us inspectors that you advise us with your finding or information on this board.


Ron Bibler


You have a private email.




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Can you share the name of the company and their contact information?