Flir c2

The C2 is a great little camera. Yes, it is the low if not lowest end commercial level camera. I take the same position as Bob, know what you plan to use it for, and for most HI applications it works well. It’s small and fits nicely in my tool belt so I have it all the time. No, your not going to see that small leak in the 25ft cathedral ceiling (but you will see the temperature variation). I have found and verified hidden leaks, it’s great for testing radiant heat operation, air locked radiators, hot panel issues. It’s good for the work we do daily. Get some training, and never stop reading, it’s a lot of practice to understand what you are looking at. Also, know what it is not. It’s not a $4,000 tool. The C2 is a pocket knife, if that’s what you need, great. But don’t go around challenging (Like I remember one idiot doing) people like Chuck who’s camera would be more of a Samurai sword. His business model requires that. Pick the tool you need for the job you plan to do.

It doesn’t have high resolution but you can find leaks and overheated wiring. It’s also very tough and goes through falls. I like it.

from someone that used both, I bought a C2 as an entry level and it did its task but I have since upgraded to a E8 and the difference is beyond comparison. you can do even better than the E8 too, look into fluke as well. I settled on the E8 based off reviews a a better price off Inspector Outlet

Based in Charley Bottgers friendly advice, I also purchased a Flir E8, and am glad I spent the extra money. I was fortunate enough to find a very-slightly use one for $2100.

Now if Flir would get serious about their Flir Tools software. I appreciate that is is free, but I would pay decent money for a program that gave me more flexibility in file handling and where information panels appear in the final image.

I’ve used both the C2 and the original Flirone. Personally I like the one better as it is incorporated into my iPhone 5SE and uploads with my other pics onto the report host template. I wouldn’t go to an inspection without it. I’m not looking for high end resolution and a certificate of completion from an unaccredited course. I know the limits and I understand the benefits and for my purposes, it’s a great tool.