Flir c2

John, that’s useful info. I can easily make a decision on that. Thanks.

Thanks Kenneth, I’ll check it out

I’d love to learn how to use the MB search function. When I search, the results have very little to do with the subject of my search. It’s very frustrating. I mean, usually, you just type in key words, right? So what’s the trick? Do I have to sacrifice a chicken first? Paul, do you have any extra chickens?

If not, check out this Infraspection link:

Kenton, I find Google to be more helpful when I search for a topic. I search like “shingle roof inspection NACHI”. The only time I use the search bar feature on this MB is when I use the advance search and narrow the search down.

I do too, Shawn. David was saying to learn to use the search feature and I thought maybe he actually knows how to use it.

The search function still sux, from what I’ve seen Nick post and results I have obtained during searches it has a built in date function, where the most recently posted posts come up in the search, despite clicking the relevance button. There are ALL KINDS of fantastic threads from years ago that don’t appear in the search function. I’ve been asking for reform of the ‘search’ function for awhile now.

Advanced search is the way to go, using boolean operators, etc. See

Just got 4 new chickens, but I need them, so hopefully that link above will help.