Flir C5 vs Ulefone Armor 9 vs HT-A2 and others

I’m shopping for a new POCKET (!!!) thermal camera, but it is hard to compare different brands, some of them too new for the market. Does someone has practical experience with some of the 2020 pocket models? I’ve used Flir C3, Seek Thermal Pro and few uncomfortable dongles, but all of them outdated.

HT-A2 Ulefone


Not unusual to see no replies for this type of question pertaining to the equipment you have selected.

Utilizing IR is to measure ‘temperature changes/differences’ between an object of interest and its surrounding or ambient temperature. Just (2) of the things to take into consideration, when measuring temperature; A: the temperature range of your object and B: the temperature resolution you wish to achieve.

This is sub par thermal imaging equipment, Emil.
Feel free to borrow my Fluke Ti100 ‘General Use’ Infrared Camera to get a sense of why good equipment is most useful. I have taken some vivid thermograms with this camera.

These (2) miniature thermal cameras you posted are essentially manufactured gimmicks with dumbed down software and lenses.
Just my opinion.