FLIR Cameras and Kansas City Building Science Class

In an effort to fill the KC Class, we’re running a special offer on b50s and b60s along with the itc Building Science Certification Class April 27th through 30th in Kansas City. Offer runs through the end of March 2009.

b50, Pouch, and BS Certification Course: $7245

b60, Pouch and BS Certification Course: $8545

OJ Utter

Hey thats cool. I bet a bunch of people wish they’d known of this BEFORE they took the FLIR class in KC in mid-December.

If i had my own b50 how much whoud the certification course be$

$1750- Standard price. Special offer is for package deal.

That is an awesome deal!!

Time is almost out to take advantage of this special offer.

Just so you know that is $675 off of the b50 and $1375 off the b60. You won’t EVER see a deal like this again after March 31, 2009.

Contact me directly to take advantage

OJ Utter

Then you can do this: