Flir e40/50 bx

We purchased 6 of these FLIR cameras a little over a year ago. They have started to fail much sooner than expected. The imager still works, however we are having problems with the cameras saving images. These are the Pre-MSX cameras.

We sent one back to FLIR and they have said it is a manufacturing defect that is not reparable. They offered us a paltry $500 credit towards new cameras.

First of all, is anyone else experiencing the same defect? and Do you think this is simply insulting? Shouldn’t they stand behind a very expensive product and either fix it or offer us a better discount?

Whoa, thanks for making this post. I was about to buy three Flir IR cameras for my team. This is disturbing news. I may have to look into Fluke.

I want to be clear that this was the previous model, not the newest models with MSX. I was just very disappointed in their response to this defect.

I am quite concerned with customer service and a company that is willing to stand behind their product (or not stand behind their product). This is a big purchase for our company.

Were these cameras purchased new? Because I’m wondering, you mentioned a little over a year ago, it seems to me that when you register the Flir product, your warranty is doubled from the 1 year standard to a 2 year warranty. At least that was the case, in my case… for 2 cameras now.

So, first of all, I’m wondering if you have a camera that’s still under warranty or ? Second, what did your vendor say, I would think that the vendor may be able to provide assistance to make this right, no?