Flir E40bx with MSX

I am selling my Flir E40 with MSX technology.

This unit is new this near and only used a few times.

Comes with hard case.

New is 3995.00 - I am willing to consider all reasonable offers.

Why are you selling?


Just don’t use it much and want someone who would get more use than me to have the chance at getting one

Photos added

This is the chance for someone to grab a very nice IR Camera for a good deal!!!

Looks like an E40, not an E40bx. Nice cameras though.

Looks like a picture of Lois from Family guy in the last shot.

Whats with Estonia calibration?

Factory calibration date. Estonia, Europe

Estonia is a place, not a date, so I obviously don’t understand. This thing has to be sent to Estonia for calibration?

You’re right, it is a place, the place where it was manufactured and calibrated before shipment. You don’t have to send it back to Europe for a new calibration though.

Thanks Brad.

Do you still have this?

I was just about to say the same thing!

That is the normal price. That’s what we have paid new. Pretty much everyone gives you the “$500” discount. I would need a good discount on a used one even in like new condition because of the lack of warranty. A few service items can cost you over $1000