Flir Extech i5 We have 5 units in stock

Last post of the day but I wanted to let everyone know we just got a partial shipment of our Flir Extech i5’s and we now have 5 units in stock. We were the 1st in the country to get these units in stock due to our preorder.

Evan Cirelli

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Thanks Tequipment!

The Extech is not actually made by Flir, is it? Are you using Flir in a generic sense, like Kleenex or Xerox?

Hi Mark,

in military terms FLIR has always stood for “forward looking infrared”



They are associated with FLIR.

YAAA the District sales rep for FLIR was at class last week talking about that camera, bottom of the line Opps I should say competitive

Yes they are 100% made by Flir in sweden.

Evan Cirelli