FLIR gives away an Infrared Camera

Flir just sold their 100,000th Infrared Camera and to commemorate this milestone, Flir gave this IR camera away for FREE to a home inspector who was planning on purchasing this camera. I’ll bet he got the shocker announcement of his life…

FLIR 100K Camera.doc (39.5 KB)

So did they give hime a cheap one or a T400 ?




I read that article a few days ago, and I am pretty sure they just gave him the camera he was already buying for free. I think it was a B40, B50 or B60. Not sure which.

Crazy that it took 100k cameras to finally have enough profit to give away 1 free camera :slight_smile:

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Do you give away FREE home inspections, and to what extent?

If I did a home inspection, giving it away would be charging too much :ack:

It was a joke…on a margin basis I would actually guess the profit in 5 cameras would cover 1.

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If they wanted to make a statement they should have given the guy a T400… :mrgreen:



They didn’t have to do anything. I swear some people would ***** if they were hanged with a new rope.

even better would be a T300! The new 3MP visual camera would prevent me from having to carry around a digital camera.

thats pretty cool i just bought a Tir and didn’t get anything.

They didn’t have to give away anything. It was their choice.

You are one individual who is never happy with anything anyone ever does.

I’d like to see you give away an inspection every year, your other inspections should cover the costs.

David, if I came across that way, sorry. I was just horsing around.

What I found impressive when I first read that thing, is that they have sold that many cameras. And I do not believe that includes their military stuff. I am pretty sure that is strictly civilian systems. Most of the old timers in the IR business have been around 25 years or so, that is 20,000 cameras a year. And until recently (past 3 years) the systems were extremely expensive.

I read their 10q’s when they come out, and up until this last quarter FLIR was killing it. I am not sure what kept their stock so cheap. During the really bad quarters of the economic downturn they were putting up revenue gains in the 70% year over year range. Their last 10q mentioned something about less demand for their predictive maintenance products, and the recent strength of the dollar. I am not sure if that is the entire market or just because of more manufactures getting in to their turf.

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Don’t forget about all the “wanna-be” ghost hunters! :roll:

I just got a new FLIR BX320 Some 4 or 5 months back. Looks like I was that close to the free one. DANG IT… L.O.L. But dig this new camera just the same.