FLIR i7 Compact Infrared Camera w/ Black Housing - 140x140

I am looking for a new gadget. I need your opinion on this baby. I can get it for: under 2K + a free borescope. What say you???:roll:

I use one and for building inspections its fine. It does not have a focus ring so you have to adjust by moving. It is a great starter IR system for the money.


In my opinion, its a very basic camera. Its probably a good tool to have but I dont think its a money making device. I mean I dont think it is a good enough camera for doing thermal scans (residential).

The resolution is 140 x 140, the minimum required is 120 x 120 by RESNET. There is no focus on this thing so you have to move to focus. No digital camera so you will have to take an IR image and then take a photo from your digital camera. There are a few other things that I cant remember now.

But I guess, it depends on what your plans are with the camera.

Yes absolutely!!!

However, Fluke now has an imaging thermometer that is even cheaper at way less than $1K . You should build your building thermography business around that.


So far people are mentioning the fact that it doesn’t have a focus ring, yeah that is huge. What is a much bigger concern is the fact that you cannot adjust range and span manually. I highly recommend taking the SuccessIRies series via Infraspection or the webinar The Snell Group puts out on buying an infrared camera.

No focus, no range, no span…these are monster red flags.

Jason Kaylor
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John, I bought TESTO 875-1i and I’m very happy with it. It has wider lens than standard FLIR or FLUKE lenses, less than 50MK thermal sensitivity, integrated digital camera and 33Hz refresh rate. For a small amount of extra money you get a totally different camera that is well above the “entry level”. Talk to Jason Kaylor about it.

Jason you can adjust range and span in the software.

But not the focus.

No IR camera focus or (FORD) can be adjusted from the software