FLIR In use

A friend of mine sent me this link…pretty entertaining

You can run, but you can’t hide :slight_smile:

Great video!


Nice Vid… wow.

Tooooo funny!

Did you see the rabbit take off? !

What can FLIR do for you?

I currently am just starting out and don’t use this technology, but it may be a good video to get people to start using it!!
The music is classic!!

Goes to show, why we always carry cats in heat when burglarizing nice neighborhoods. Give the dogs something to chase while we escapew.

That was to hularious…great video

I love the video, but the damn police dog needs additional training on how to properly clench onto a criminal and not let go.

The dog did not let go… he still had the guys *** in his teeth…:mrgreen:

Well, then he was well fed with clothes and skin, because the dog let go more than once.