FLIR Infrared & GPS

For those who need more bells and whistles.

Hey John have you priced that certain IR camera??


It’s only a mere…$46,950.00 buckaroos.

These are new and will be coming out next week.

How many would you like…5 or 6?

I think I will buy one so I will know if I am in the Lv Rm or the back Bd Rm.
GPS may help me from getting lost…:slight_smile:


These cameras are not for us,at the very most a T-series will do for our purposes!!

Wow…pretty cool!

Did you see the wireless remote LCD at the very end of the video? It looks like the body of the T400.


You Too? :wink:

And I thought it was just me.:mrgreen:

I just need a cheap bell

Could have used that on this house. Got lost a couple of times.





GPS won’t work indoors???