Flir infrared photo managment for mac

So I’m trying to download images from my E8 and there is no mac support from flir that I can find. Looking for suggestions for software that anyone else uses for flir+mac. TIA

You can download to an iPad or iPhone. FLIR Tools is still in the App Store. I would think it would work on a Mac.

David, I have the E6 and here’s how I do it on my iMac.

Hook your Flir to your computer with the cable provided and open any folder. On the left side you will see Locations and under that your computers name with iMac beside it. Click that name and in the window you’ll see Untitled pop up. Click Untitled, then DCIM then 100_Flir to access your pics. Drag and drop as needed!

WARNING! DO NOT DELETE PICS FROM THAT FOLDER on your Mac! Doing so will clear them from your computer screen but WILL NOT delete them from the cam’s internal chip and it will screw up your storage space! You MUST disconnect from your Mac and go into the cam settings under Device Settings, Reset Options, Delete All Saved Images and clear the chip. It’s essentially reformatting the chip. I learned this the hard way… don’t be like me!

Good Luck