FLIR Infrared units

Is anyone using the FLIR ONE Pro unit? If so can you let me know your thoughts? I am just starting out and need some feedback on the best Infrared unit to buy. Any feedback would be appreciated!

Steven, I would advise you to take at least a Level I course before you consider which imager to by.

I bought a cheap (15 years ago) camera and then to the course “Infrared for Building Sciences” and took it to class with me. After class I immediately sent back the $4,000.00 imager and bought a $17,000.00 B400 with the temp. upgrade. Then I went on to take the Level I course.

That imager made me $ for years after that. In fact, I just sold it a little while ago.

I was so happy I was able to send it back and get a real imager that was going to do what I learned in class and I was going to manipulate it with the info that I learned in class.

Someone once said “You don’t know what you don’t know until you know it.”

Forget the FLIR One Pro unit.

P.S. The prices have come down by leaps and bounds since my escapade.

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Hi Steven,

I purchased a FLIR One Pro but had compatibility issues with my phone recognizing the device even via an additional adapter unit, so keep that in mind. I returned that unit and instead purchased a FLIR C2, I love it. Yes, it’s extra hardware to carry but for me I was already running numerous apps and programs on my cell phone while inspecting.

I have had a FLIR One Pro for over a year. While it is not as sophisticated as the stand alone cameras it has proved quite useful in identifying missing insulation and building leaks. Personally, I prefer the unit I have, it gives me all the information I need. In the event that a more detailed image is requested, I can always arrange a return inspection. I did have a charging problem, and FLIR replaced the unit in a short period of time. As to compatibility, I tried using my iPhone for my inspection software and found the Android based phone worked better all around. I’ve had no problems with the FLIR camera on my Android phone.

Hi Leon; Thanks for the info! I was looking at the C@ online and it seems to be a good fit!


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I have been using the Flir E-5. Easy to use and download onto my report. at 950.00 Amazon it paid for itself many times.

Hi Chris;

Thanks for the input!

Seems that the E5 is a good option. I read somewhere that it meets the minimum standard for doing energy audits; do you do audits with yours?

Do you include Infrared in you inspection fee, or charge extra?

I’ll wait for Amazon’s Black Friday deals to start and see if the E5 is on sale.


Hi Steve, I use it as part of my standard home inspection at no additional charge but if a client requests a full home scan I charge close to my normal inspection fee. Clients tend to hire an inspector who includes IR imaging; I have been told by them. I completed a recent energy audit using it along with a smoke pencil . You definitely will see air intrusion and insulation deficiencies. Do it in the morning though. The E-5 is the perfect tool for energy audits. I had considered the E-8 but for the additional cost, the E-5 does the same job and also offers the MSX tech for 2g less. The image is just as clear except with less pixels. I took the energy audit course through Internachi. I recommend it.

Larry, it appears looking around and the Term Infrared fits their business marketing model.
Personally, I with you thoughts on this matter.

Thanks for the input Chris, much appreciated! I am just starting out in an area with 9 other inspectors spread across a 120 mile radius. Only 3 offer Infrared services, so I thought it would be important to offer it as well.

I’ll look at the audit course as an add on to my services.



Thats great.good luck

I have been using the FLIR one pro. I can’t complain about it for the price.