FLIR is updating their camera lines and lowing prices

FLIR is updating their camera lines and lowing prices. Wait for it.

Oh, you tease you!

You mean these?

Their T-series offerings have gotten a bit long in the tooth and prices have been stagnant for years.

I wonder how much of the difference between models is due to software crippling of capabilities inherent in the hardware in order to manipulate pricing in a non-competitive environment. The industry is way overdue for real competition.

No… there is more.

Prices coming down and upgrades to camera features coming down the pipeline.

Well! Spit it out!..Man!

I got a teaser email today.

It got me curious.


Seems good

Don’t forget about these freebies…

Every camera that FLIR and FLUKE sells… also has a free online training class that goes with it… search it out.

Contact Inspector Outlet for the most recent camera prices and features. Remember… I cannot quote discounts in public (FLIR will not allow that).

My students get lower prices than even InterNACHI members. Hint… the E6 will cost you several hundred dollar less than it did before and it now comes with Wi-Fi

Contact me for a quote on student prices. The savings is enough to pay for a flight to Honolulu, Hawaii.

This is not an endorsement, just FYI-

RevealPRO is our most advanced handheld thermal imaging camera yet. Highly durable and easy to use, RevealPRO combines a high-performance 320 x 240 thermal sensor with intuitive software to help you work smarter. And, when you need it, a powerful 300-lumen LED light is available at the touch of a button. Offering adjustable thermal level, span, and emissivity settings, RevealPRO breaks new barriers by offering high-resolution thermal imaging and software capabilities at an affordable price of $699.00 USD.

Key Features

Thermal Level and Span – Easily set and lock a temperature range to display the maximum thermal information of any object or scene with a set point and range.
Emissivity Control – Calibrate for emissivity through easy, pre-defined settings. Compensate for various surface materials, ensuring accurate readings and reporting.
Nine Standard and High Contrast Color Palettes – From standard grayscale to spectra high contrast, RevealPRO provides the visual capabilities necessary to help users easily examine and understand thermal imagery during inspection.
Full-Frame Mapping of Temperature Distribution – Displays all temperature data for maximum clarity and resolution.
Multiple User Modes – Normal, Spot temperature and Level & Span included.
Ruggedized Display – 2.4” color display featuring Corning® Gorilla® Glass protection.
4x Digital Zoom - Wide, 32° field of view with 4x digital zoom capability lets you easily scan a large area and identify potential hazards in seconds

Reveal Pro is swimming in buyer regret returns.

Amazon if full of Reveal Pro cameras that have been returned.

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4 reviews on Amazon for the Pro. The 1 constructive review mentioned some negatives that I did as well. The UI interface and wifi connectivity may not matter to a user. The radiometric comment supposedly has been addressed in a software update.

Looks like it needs some improvements.
The version I have is rated better than the FLIR C2 on Amazon and cheaper.

I have an E8 (excellent shape) that I inquired with Flir about a trade toward one of the new E 75, 85 or 95’s. But the prices are too high in my mind. This was the trade in value to them below. Keep in mind that the E95 is basically a $10,000 camera and the E8 nearly $4000. They could easily turn my camera around for full price. The math just doesn’t work for me. There is no market to sell this service in VT to speak of. I use it on every inspection but if I charged extra for that and people had a choice, they would not spend the money as an add on service and it would sit in the case. Radon is a tough enough sell and it effects their health potentially. I am the only inspector in my area and possibly the state who even is certified to do it and uses it. So, it is more about adding value for me and gaining customers and for the water restoration and mold aspects of our business. It is just a tool in that sense and one that I really cannot justify dropping $9000 or $10,000 on. I do want to use high quality stuff, but at some point too much is simply too much when you don’t have a market for it.

We could take in the E8 for:
$500 – E75
$750 – E85
$1000 – E95