flir msx

Ordering an flir e50bx and camera and they gave me a choice to buy last years 2013 model e60bx at a steep discount. Big difference is doesn’t have msx technology, but would have higher resolution. Anyone able to give me advice?
Thanks in advance.

Looks like the e50bx with would be better than the e60bx without. I think customers looking at image would find msx very helpful. Any other opinions? Enjoy your turkey!

The 60 comes with a spare battery and a dual charger. I opted for the higher resolution. I just got my 60 a couple days ago. Still playing with it.

There’s always a reason for “steep discounts”. You just need to figure out if you can live with those reasons.

I am a fan of MSX.

Although I’m also a fan of higher resolution.

Tough choice. But I think I’d lean toward the camera with the MSX.

Check out my website. I added some thermal images today with the MSX. It’s pretty nice. Make’s it easier for the layman (client) to see what they’re looking at.

I too like the MSX.

I tried a higher resolution Fluke when I was looking at an imager. The images with Flir MSX looked way crisper, and the added bonus of being able to read labels is great.

So many choices! Many of them good ones.

We Got both … Go with MSX

Thanks for all the help. I went with MSX should be here soon.

I am glad you bought that one as you are in my inspection area:p:mrgreen:

Oops :grinning: