FLIR offers freebies

These are some nice freebies listed in the above link.
Our next IR class is March 23-24

Contact me for $80 discount on our class and to see the discounts my students pay on FLUKE and FLIR cameras.

Here is the actual link to that promo, John.

Jason Kaylor
AC Tool Supply
Net Zero Tools

The link I provided was given to me from FLIR’s office. Is everything OK?

Everything is fine???

That link works for promos, but it is via Extech. Extech is a FLIR company. It just didn’t show many details on the promo and eventually just links to the page I put up. I was just saving people some clicks.

John I clicked on the link and most of the promos ended Dec. 2012??

You must have clicked on Jasons link.

lol, you are so stubborn.

That is why I put up the other link, John. Your link was to Extech, which shows all promos, including the expired ones. The FLIR link I put up goes directly to the current IR camera promos.