FLIR One - New way to make money!!

This guy uses it to steal pin numbers

Don’t you need someone’s card to use with the PIN?

Well there is that. :roll:

That was always the easy part. Getting the pin was the hard part.

We have been teaching that pin code trick, with IR, for over 6 years now. It is sad but true. We use this lesson to show how sensitive IR cameras are and how exposed the public is to this threat. There are a ton of other tricks to the trade, that will enhance an IR camera function for a building inspection and we discuss these in our IR class as well. Some things are not written in books.

BTW… I suggest you buy an IR camera with more resolution and endurance than a cell phone clip-on device, if you want to do building inspections. Hey… but what do I know.

I think everyone here will agree to that statement.

He’s about three years behind the curve. I did a TV Video News interview on it back in 2011.