FLIR Promotion

I bought my Flir E6 on 1/24/14. As everyone knows from posts on here, it was defective from the git-go. I’m still waiting for its replacement.

It also had a FLIR promotion … Filled everything out and sent it in to FLIR in early February. Still waiting for that too.

Look at any FLUKE specials instead of Flir.

I’ve owned 3 FLIR cameras over the last 8 years with no problems.
Also had a Dodge in the 80’s that was a POS.

When did you start promoting FLIR$…opps ?
I thought you promoted FLUKE.

I have seen the Ti400 on a promotional sale for $7,100.
I almost purchased it but put the money in Marketing.

I promote good deals for members.

FLIR e6 is on back order all over the country at this time. We can get them in about 2 wks.

That would be great for members.
I looked at the price and what software was included in the camera.
Good work.
Best regards.


Even after your class there seems to be so many choices I have no idea where to start. I would like not to be limited to just home inspections seeing I am a G.C. as well but do not know what would be perfect and what would be over kill and never used. Any suggestions beyond what you went over in class? I know you mentioned the new technology in the flir ones that draws the outlines of some of the items in the visible light spectrum. I forget what it is called off hand but saw a pict and it showed lines around each breaker. What is the beginning cameras that have that tech?

FLIR offers MSX technology in their thermal imaging It’s almost like a negative overlay on the IR image, a perimeter of a dark image of lateral and vertical lines, rectangular boxes, overlaid the IR image called MXS. Read more

Fluke software allows the user several dynamic rangers Mike.
An overlay of the thermal image with a HD image that can be blended into in part or full.

You have to get your hands on several manufactures camera’s.
You should spend 2 hours on each camera IMO.

The FLIR e6 or e8 has the MSX (outlines inside IR images),
plus pic within a pic, plus normal digital photos and normal
infrared photos.

The e6 has extra sensitivity so it enhances the resolution,
which is 160x120.

The e8 has more features with a resolution of 320x240.

The e6 is on back order of approx 2 weeks (nation wide).

The e8 is available now.

If you want wi-fi and some other cool features then look at
the e40, e50, and e60. (with wi-fi you can be inspecting a
building and your client can see what you see on their cell

See Demo Video

Plus FLIR is giving away some goodies with these cameras

Contact me for pricing (cannot quote discounted prices in
public). Because you took our IR class then you get the
student discount (which is huge).

Thanks to both of you info :slight_smile: Perfectly what I was looking for.