FLIR service

I bought this barely used FLIR E60BX. 8 months old, still under warranty. I check with Flir before purchasing this $8500.00 camera for $5000.00.

The on/off button is touchy and I have to pull the battery to get it to go off, so I send it in and 10 days later i get a letter stating the circuit board is bad and I must pay $1100.00 to fix it… really? wtf???

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…to be continued…

So glad we have this NACHI board for all to see what goes on in the real world .

I expect FLIR will see how this is seen by so many great Homies that they are getting a lot of bad publicity .

Thanks Robert please do keep us all posted …

everybody’s got a warranty… until you need something fixed. its always a coincidence that something else broke right after the repair man leaves and it never has anything to do with why they were there in the first place. disheartening isn’t it??

Hey Robert,

Sorry to hear about this.

I had the same problem with my E50BX and I called the customer support and they had to upgrade my firmware. The gentleman who answered the phone was very helpful and once the firmware was upgraded I never had this problem.

Actually, when I first called them about this problem, they asked me to mail in my camera to them but I said No, I will bring it to their office because I did not know how it was going to be handled in mail. But because of my schedule, I never got a chance to get it done.

Few months later, I decided to get this problem fixed and I called again to set up an appointment and they said that now they can remotely upgrade my firmware and I dont have to bring it in.

I still would like to know the outcome of this and I am wondering why they are charging you if the camera is still under warranty?

Hope it works out for you Robert.

Isn’t the bigger problem the lack of having the camera? Robert is now without a tool that he feels he needs to perform his job in a professional manner. So now, FLIR has had his camera for a few weeks, which means he cannot provide the service his clients expect.

So now while this, to me, simple warranty issue is now causing further delay and harm to him and his business and possibly his reputation. I was in his shoes once and it sucks.

So now for those who use and offer and even market thermal infrared, what do you do when your camera is down? Just wondering. After my experience I would never be without a back up. At least have a back up plan.

Jut sucks that the people at these factories do not understand the ramifications of their actions.

That is my thinking as well.

Worst case scenario, I have the available funds to purchase a new one and have it delivered within a day or two, but I sure wouldn’t want that to be my only option.

I wonder if FLIR has “loaner” equipment or short-term lease equipment for such an eventuality.

I have 4, but for different reasons. Two good ones and two that will do in case of emergency.

There are lease plans available BuTTT I don’t care for lease plans so I have a back up for my back up, 3 cams:D

is there a way to tell the age of the camera from the serial number?

looking like my warranty will be honored…

I guess they read this board and saw How we feel about their actions.
So glad for you getting the service you deserve .
Please keep us posted . Thanks … Roy

If it’s under warranty, they cover it. Get to know your local FLIR rep. They can do things for you to get through your periods of camera loss.:wink:

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I have backups but the turnaround time never seem to be that big of a problem.

It could take just about as long to get a loaner camera shipped as it does for your camera to make the round-trip.

I have had offers for loaner/lease cameras through local distributors, but never used them.

I have always had a professional relationship with Flir and they have gone above and beyond to turn my camera around as soon as possible (sometimes getting unavailable parts from another camera).

There are a lot of cameras that are in for service that don’t get used but once a year. If you ask nicely and be truthful about your dependence upon your camera, they may have alternative options available.

They arranged to have my camera in Nashville to be picked up on my way through to a week long job in Atlanta.

I did a job at Trane /Ingersoll-Rand when the facility engineer lost his camera (still under warranty). He had a new camera in hand in 24 hours. I guess it’s who you talk to.

Nice to hear and see how most good companies work …Thanks David

Too funny Herb Hinkle (Old IR CEO) is one of my clients. He lives here in SW Florida. He bought a beautiful house here it had 5 high end Carrier units. The day he bought it, he had the sytems removed and crushed and installed Tranes. Didn’t want them to get re-used.

I have new construction sales with Square D clients that do the same thing…

I have a beer distributor that won’t cross the distribution lines of his two different brand service areas with the other brand on board!

Oh well…