flir t440 forsale

Infrared camera used once. We bought it in December 2012. We were wanting to do inspections but decided not to anymore. Its really nice. If any body is intrested text me at 5017572037. Or email me at

Flir T440 with bluetooth and Sd card.

Asking $6500.00 . I gave $11500.00 plus tax.

Also you can call 5015921663.

For better results, post this in our Classifieds forum:

The company is based in Clinton, Arkansas 72031 according to the domain registration.

Do we have any members nearby who are active on the forum?

That’s a good price.

It’s a terrible price, but maybe he will consider reasonable offers.

Call him and make an offer.:wink:


I need to see if I can hire a member to execute the transaction locally for me since the seller has no history or credentials.

I already have a couple T400s. I want another imager with manual focus capability, but it’s not something I have to have. If the price is right, I’ll swap it in for one of the T400s.

Your manual focus capability is with your 320, yes?

Will M. Has had that one for about a year now. I do miss the manual focus.

I just listed my PM 290 on Ebay. I haven’t had an opportunity to use it yet. It’s in great condition.

The EX320 has been very nice. I remember Chuck telling me about the advantage of having the manual focus when he gave me the option between his 320 and 400. It’s a nice option to have (had to get used to the sensitivity). Takes excellent pictures. Now I need to contact FLIR because I can’t get the photos off the camera anymore and anytime I plug it to my laptop it crashes my system.

Manual is not really “manual” like the 320. It is still electric servo…

Same as the switch on the 400 but may be able to be used easier, I don’t know. Have not operated one yet.

Linas, why are you selling your camera?

Anyone here close enough to Clinton, Arkansas 72031 that I can pay to take delivery for me if I cut a deal with the seller? Will make it worth your while.