FLIR T660 Problems

I am having problems with some of the digital pictures our T660 Camera takes. It doesn’t happen to every picture but I would say that 3 out of every 100 get chopped up or corrupt in some way. This issue shows up when previewing the pictures on the camera even before the card is removed for download. The card I use are new class 10 SDHC cards which does not seem to matter. The issue still occurs if I use a brand new card or an older card, even if I use the 4Gb class 10 card that came with the camera. FLIR tells me they are stumped and have no idea what could be causing it. When that gets old they usually suggests “it must be operator error”. I am a level 2 certified thermographer and have been doing thermography for 4 years and have never seen this issue with our T640 camera or our P65 cameras. Has anyone had similar issues with digital pictures becoming corrupted?

Where did you buy it?

No. but I have had other issues with FLIR imagers that were hardware related. FLIR repeatedly failed to correct and simply kept reinstalling firmware until the warranty had lapsed. Once the warranty was past it suddenly became a hardware issue with a big $$ repair estimate. FLIR warranty service is not so great, but the local rep stepped in and made me whole. Tell FLIR that you need your professional equipment to be reliable and that if they can’t fix it so that it is, they should replace it.

I’ll give you $50, cash, to take that piece of junk off your hands.

That chopped digital picture is about the connection between the rotating head of the camera and the body.

Turn on the digital camera and rotate the head and you’ll see the screen flickering.