Flir tg165

I have never used one but have always wanted to. Can anyone tell me if this unit would be compatible with a property inspection to keep up with standard client’s needs? I am surprised at how much the price has come down. I am looking at the FLIR TC165. Also, if I am posting this in the wrong section let me know where I should go because I did not see it.

It’s a spot thermometer, so if that’s what you want, I imagine it works fine. FWIW, I have never used one.

It’s thermal resolution is only 80x80, and it’s not intended to be a building inspection thermal imager.


I have one and as previous stated it is a thermometer, its a nice little device but not anything I would try to use for Thermal Imaging on a professional level.

Thank you Chris and Dominic for your comments. In your opinion what would be the lowest cost unit (for a frugal budget) that you would recommend?

E4 or E8.

Thanks Roy!

Any thoughts on FLUKE?