Flir tg165

I am a new inspector and I am thinking to buy the FLIR TG165 thermal imaging camera for $350 at . I would like to know if it is a good option for a home inspection job and if it serves for detect moisture intrution areas.

Other options available on Amazon but a little more expensive are:
FLIR C2 at a price of $499
FLUKE flk-vt at a price of $487

Thanks and I will appreciate your advices

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Go to FLIR’s website and read the specs on the TG165. Don’t be misled by the word camera. This is a This is an IR thermometer with a small camera screen that allows you to pinpoint the heat or cool Not even close to an IR camera. If you want to get into IR Thermography, Take a course and learn before you start shelling out money.

Willy, thanks for your advise.