Flir Thermacam P40

Looking at this camera, is it worth what it says its worth? Anyone use one or sample its capabilities?



Isn’t that a 1996 camera?

Too funny, I was looking at one camera and then said another. I mean the Flir PM 640. The guy had several for sale and I put the wrong one on the title of the thread.

The one I am looking at is the Flir PM 640, anyone use it?

Man oh man Russ—:lol:

You would certainly want some great paying large commercial projects to pay for that baby…:shock:

Little out of the league needed for residential----:lol:

You finally going Commercial? …I hope so, you’ll love the business----:smiley:

Yes and yes.

That will do a lot more than you can handle. :wink:

What is the $ ?
That tells it all.