Can anyone tell me why my flir e 4 will not take photos. Says theres no memeory card but it doesn’t even have a memory card slot

It’s a piece of crap.

There have been a few others on here, I believe, with the same/similar problem. You can use the search function above or…Have you tried to contact FLIR? Let us know how you make out.

I actually figured it out. It just had to be formatted. Its actually a pretty good camera for an inspector who is fresh in the field. Thanks for the feedback posative and arrogent ones as well.

It’s actually a common defect for that series, and will likely recur even after formatting the unit.

Next time, try pulling the battery out and re-booting.


I thought things were warming up in Chicago… Guess not

You should used an IR camera with at least 120x120 resolution or more to do home inspections at a professional level. This is from FLIR and it meets the RESNET standards. Sorry.