floating nuetral in a sub pannel

I have a service pannel that i want to use as a sub pannel and would like an opinion on my engineering. The service pannel was configured as a temporary power supply for a construction site. It had both grounded and grounding conductors connected to the same buss that was mounted directly to the back inside of the service pannel. I want to use a small block of wood covered with abs plastic to mount a grounded buss making sure the screws to mount my grounded buss do not penetrate the wood and contact the pannel case to float my nuetrals. I will also install a grounding buss directly mounted the pannel to handle grounding duties. will this be a safe build and will an inspector approve of my design to float the grounded buss?

This is not a DIY forum and having said that you should hire a licensed electrician to do this work because from what you have proposed you’re seemingly in over your head. Also no good inspector would ever approve your installation. Sorry to be so blunt but your post is somewhat disconcerting.

You need an electrician to make sure it is done correctly .

I can’t think of any inspector that would approve your idea. Normally the neutrals are already insulated from the enclosure.

Exactly, just remove any bonding screws, straps, etc. and install a ground bar.

This is a better place to ask as its geared toward DIY: