Flooded AC Unit was Still Running!

Wow, incredible.

Can’t Stop A Trane?

We are tough in Okla in 1981 had a 750 ton carrier chiller running with 4 feet of water in a flooded basement 1240 volt 3phase contol wiring was 110 volt and all under water. Water never made it to the high voltage but was close made a lot of people very nervous.

Joe, you do have a way with submerged appliances (like your hair dryer follies)
The compressor is a sealed unit, Until the control box draws enough current, faulted to the water, to trip the O/C device it should run. I supose water would put that fan into overload when it goes underwater (water is harder to “blow” than air) but I bet the O/C device would tolerate the LRA for quite a while. The water would cool the motor overload thermal so it might not trip either.

No matter what, THAT IS COOL.:cool: