Floor drain below septic?

Hmmm I wonder where the wash water is going? There is no lift pump. Rural property. Maybe it’s watering a farmer’s field?? Don’t know how to describe this one.


Perhaps to the old drain field?

That’s what I’m thinking. I see this quite a bit with washers along with septic systems. The owners don’t want to bleach out the septic system so they discharge the bleach water to the surface water “somewhere else”

Did the property have a mound system?

Somtimes older properties can’t pass current perk test standards so when the replace or upgrade the septic system they end up with a mound at a higher level above the slab.

Of course the best solution is to provide a pit and lift station but that does add to the cost.

You might be able to find evidence of a previous 4" line going into the slab.

Good luck.