Floor drain in furnace room?

Is there any requirement for a floor drain** in** the room with the furnace and water heater? In an older home I inspected last week, the basement was finished and a new wall seperated the furnace and water heater from the floor drain. My client seems to think that is an issue the seller needs to correct.

No requirement…

Gotta have a place to drain to - If the floor drain is in another room - WHERE is that place at??

A hose on the draincock into a bucket…

That is how the last plumber did it untill it was light enough to carry up the stairs and outside.

No requirement for a floor drain around here.

Where is the drain with respect to the water heater T&P relief piping? That would be an issue if finished surfaces could be negatively impacted by the discharge of the water in the event it was manually operated or opened to discharge as intended for safety.

Joe -

We’re not in the requirement business - We’re in the common sence business AND protecting our clients best interests. Its of NO importance whether this is required or NOT. You’re NOT the code guy.

Looking out for your client AND his / her property, there must be a way for the condensate to drain, OR if the unit leaks - to help protect finished surfaces.

Tell them that and MOVE on …

If the furnace or water heater are using LP gas than yes, there should be a drain in the room.