Floor joist support

Floor joist bearing on end of cylinder concrete piers. Some of the piers are moving around and evidence of movement in the home was observed. Wanted to get others opinion of placement of joist on this Pier. As you can see the majority of the weight bearing is on the exterior edge. I would rather see the floor joist sitting in the middle of the pier.


Let’s just hope the concrete doesn’t spall off.

Not knowing what kind of weight this thing is carrying would determine whether or not it is adequate.

I would write it up accordingly James, and go with it.
It would not be adequate support in my book for long term.

I guess one could argue that they have three inches of bearing, but I think a third joist was added because the first two almost missed the Sono tube.


It’s basically pretty simple… report what you see.

Observe & Report to stay out of court.

there is a spec somewhere that governs where the bearing (joist, in this case) need to sit on top of the pier. i don’t remember what that spec is, but your picture shows “nonstandard construction” and should be evaluated by an engineer.

Book of Architectural Standards and Standards of the Construction Trade Practice Specifications.

Anything less is what they pay us to find, observe and report.

If it would not be for sub-standard work, I guess we would not be too busy inspecting conditions of the House.

That is sad for a new Construction and to be expected for older Homes for people that can’t fix it or do not have money or the Famous DIY that thinks he is saving Thousands of dollars, until we show up. Man, we bad.

Marcel :slight_smile: :smiley: :wink:

The built up beam should be bearing close to the center of the pier. Some HI’s use a 1/3 rule for inspecting piers and columns, where the bearing should be in the middle 1/3 of the pier for stability reasons.

Also if the edge of the pier cracks/spalls (it happens) there could be a total loss of support.

I agree with with others to write it up.