Floor Joists

This house is 6 years old in a sub division.
I am just starting to write the report on this one.







John its probably good. Let me find the link for you. Its a top chord bearing truss

The bottom right photo in this link is identical to what you have there.


I cant find a great link that talks about them though.

Here’s a couple



Thanks guys I was really hoping this was not an issue. (This system was a first for me.)

I knew I could count on the message boards.

I stopped off at Lowes, Menards, Home Depot, Builders Supply

They all told me that they had not seen it before and it definitely looked wrong.
I’m am to assume now that this is not a normal installation for floor joist in my area.

Do you know if there is an acceptable amount of deflection allowed with this joist system.
Lower kitchen cabinets are pulling away from the wall.
Upper cabinets are fine.
No other signs of foundation movement.

Conclusion at present

  1. lower cabinets improper install.
  2. floor joist deflection has caused the cabinets to shift.

Where did you see floor joist deflection?

Acceptable deflection would be calculated by an engineer of some sort. It looks like they are spanned 2’ oc, which may or may not be right.

I figure you know that Lowe’s, Home Depot, and the mass merchants know less about the merchandise they carry than you do. They just sell it.

Did the joist deflection make them shift or are they installed wrong?