Floor tiles for roof?

Well…it certainly looks nice…would this roof need a handrail?..I thought I saw a door…

Barry noted that above: Floor tiles for roof?

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You know what they say, “One mans ceiling is another man’s floor.”

Observation: Roof. Pitch: ><1/12.
Mosaic tiles atop unknow membrane.
No adverse conditions observed the day of the inspection.
Suspect: Mastic stains on the fascia. No drip edge flashing.
Recommend: A licensed roofing contractor insure the roof is water tight prior purchase.
Request disclosure from the vender as to the type and age of the roof covering membrane.

Observation: Exterior.
Missing gutters.

Hope that helps.

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I have actually installed tile on a flat roof for deck that had a waterproof membrane installed first. Installed as an exterior application with the appropriate thinsets, grout, etc. It also had railings. :laughing:


Did it work out well, James?

So far. It’s been in place for several years.


Appears to be no interruption in the pattern where sheets overlap, so almost certainly vinyl tiles that will succumb to UV even before roll roofing would. There’s no headwall flashing ti divert wall runoff onto the top of the vinyl, so once the mastic bond dries and starts to shrink and crack runoff will find its way under the mastic and the roof will leak.
And removing it is going to be a mess.
They should probably leave it in place, treat it as underlayment and install something on top of it while it’s still in good condition.

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