Floor truss was cut

During my inspection this afternoon, the floor truss was cut at the bottom span. I Know it’s wrong but looking for reference.56

Try reading this if it helps.

Trusses cannot be modified without a structural engineer’s stamp of approval.

Time for a structural engineer…


First time I’ve seen that wow!

It’s not the end of the world, It is repairable, Recommend a structural engineer and a licensed contractor for repairs.

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I guess some people don’t read the guidelines.
I can’t believe some people are that stupid, even without reading the guidelines.


Observation: Structural.
Suspect: Floor truss modification.
Recommend: A licensed general contractor with inhouse structural engineer review the modified floor truss lower chord in the basement utility room.
Limitation: Inspected from the ground.

The reference is simply … Its been cut without repair. That is improper for a truss.

No need for references in a typical report. Giving references are sometimes necessary when challenged by an irate (or foolish) seller or agent, but when you are giving code references, you are being a code inspector which is quicksand for a home inspector.
As for as the stupid things people will do…stupid is only limited by the physical laws of our universe.

This is not that complicated, just say, “floor truss support member was cut and should be repaired”. That’s all your job entails.

…by a qualified framing contractor that uses an structural engineer.