Florida Adjuster CEU's

Are any of the current NACHI education courses approved for Florida Adjuster CEU’s? I need 24 Hours by 2012.

We only have 16 hours currently.

I need to get mine done by January. Any plans to add more? soon!

Can anyone advise of a link for more information? I can prepare some courses over the weekend and send them in on Monday so we meet some members renewal dates in time?

Personally I believe you already have some great courses what needs to be done is to just get some of them approved by Florida Financial Services for Adjuster CEU’s.


A good website for adjuster CEU’s is http://ae21.coursehost.com. There is also CEU.com which has even more of a variety. Are you going to have any CEUs for Public Adjusters? Unfortunately they are seperate from regular adjuster credits.


I want to get into insurance adjusting here in ohio where should I start? And anyone know any classes va approved?