Florida Amazing Water Find

This seems awesome. A deep well with amazing water. Check out this link and let me know what you think. There is a ton more info on the guys google + page. If interested let me know and I’ll help you find it if you cannot. It seems like it could be an amazing thing for Florida and the rest of the world.

I thought I posted this in Misc??? Did someone move it? I may be finally losing it :frowning:

Wow nobody thinks nothing about this? Surprising to me. It could be great for Florida.

You are posting a prospectus?


Do you get a commission?

Nope, I know the guy that is helping the old man who has the well on his land.

He is either crazy or on to something huge, I hope it is as good for Florida as it appears it could be.

The water is supposedly super healthy and un polluted.

I HAVE NOTHING TO GAIN. Just hoping for something good for the world.

Looking for $6 Billion.

Are you in?

Not a cent. I just hope the water is as good as they say. I do know I can get that for free :slight_smile:

I just find it interesting and there has been a bunch of controversial stuff with the gov going on with it and such and I am curious if anyone knows of it or has heard of it or anything.

Here is the guys google+ page. I do not know if all can see or not but there is a ton of info there.


Developers could be on the hook for a percentage like an impact fee once the land czars get wind of this.

The gov apparently has been trying to steal it and shut him down from the start.
He has meeting with Miami-Dade tomorrow.

It takes pioneers willing solve the worlds problems. Always wondered why we don’t have a huge desal plant that would serve the state. Plenty of ocean water for everyone.

This is an untapped source from what I know. Nothing has to be done to it. I am not a chemistry wiz or anything like it but the water is apparently great for all living beings and is from what I here unlimited and un poluted and cannot be contaminated from the sky like most other sources.

I would love to say I was one of the first to help promote something that has such great potential. That is an legacy I would love to leave the world. I tried helping the world with my www.whogrowsit.com but had no luck. This is my next attempt at helping humanity :). All it cost is my time so I do what I can. If you know anything at all about this stuff please share your opinions. I currently know very little but am learning as fast as I can :slight_smile:

Can anyone please tell me if this links you to his info?


I have no idea if anyone but me can view it because I am in his circle. Please let me know.

I can see his Google+ page.

Please go to and sign this petition. At least let me know if it takes you to a place where you can sign it as I do not know if it works.

Please join this campaign: http://chn.ge/1iEHzum


Check it out and let me know what you think. If you like it please sign the petition.

Please join this campaign: http://chn.ge/1iEHzum

THANK YOU for letting me know.

Thanks Check it out and let me know what you think. If you like it please sign the petition.

Please join this campaign: http://chn.ge/1iEHzum

I’m somewhat stupid in not really reading this closely but don’t have time, but can someone clue me in as to why they need a $6 Billion pipeline to Dade County when they have the port of Tampa just up the coast?

If you ship it by boat how do you tie the delivery into all of the different municipalities water systems to get it to the end users? A pipeline solves that.

To run the water to as many communities as possible. In line drops for any community along the way :slight_smile: Bottling is a very small part from what I have learned. Just another way to get this super good for you water to those who need it.