Florida-Any Changes

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Doug Wall, CIE

Status quo, get ready to do your 80 hours of HI education prior to June 2010.

I thought they wanted 120 hours?

Will never happen.

Ok people

Time to get the real information – Who is going to call the state and who is going to make the call??

I am sure some one has some conections to get the true story and by the way the true information makes money for the schools not the the HI’s



BTW If I find out the latest where should I post it to keep it to the max benifit of the Nachi florida inspectors and not the schools??

Maybe a PM to slect members

Just got a reply back from Florida DBPR as to status of Florida Home Inspector Licensing

Bill has not been funded - about $1.5 million plus dollars needed

Schooling will probably be bid to one vendor that can set up schools within certain distances from all inspectors in the state like 50 miles

State will establish the courses based on other existing courses from other trades (electrical etc.)

Exam will also probably in part be taken for the other trade exams

As of now probably nothing will be done until the 2009 budget is approved

They Tell you to contact ASHI when you contact them requesting information

Glad someone is on the ball


You can expect to pay about $125 per course hour, it appears that the price of being a home inspector in Florida will exceede 10K.


Maybe we just call our selves consultants and change the reports to say “consulting report”

$10k plus loss time and travel

How about $1k per inspection after licensing??

And then the cost of “approved” CE

Me thinks InterNACHI should get on the approved education provider list

Hell many people (Gerry and others) have already written the courses

Why reinvent the wheel???

And the state is now doing a Google to find schools that say they are doing Florida license education so they can get them on the bidders list (Just got an update from DBPR)

I think they should take them to court and keep them off the bidder list

These people are trying to arrange the deck chairs on the Titanic

And for additional information call ASHI (Maybe Mike R can help them out - he has a school - at least he could train his own inspectors at cost)

Sorry no additional information