Florida chapters

What is going on with the south FL. chapters? I have not had any communications from anyone, as the past there was always something going on and some info to get. It has been dead here in the Palm Beach area with meetings. Please pass on any info or contacts.
Billings Home InspectionsLLC

Hi to all,

Bill, Jay Schwartz posted in memebers only the other day that the SEFL chapter are planning a meeting for Sept, and a group of us are also looking at getting the FLNACHI chapter on its feet.



What’s going on in Central Florida?

Hi Steve,

The plan at present is to restructure FLNACHI around the existing chapters with each chapter having a representative on the FLNACHI board, in those areas that have no existing chapter (SW Florida for example) we will be looking to support any member who wishes to start one.

We are discussing holding a round table meeting in Orlando either late August or early Sept to discuss future plans with interested members.



Thank gerry about the imfo on central Fl.


Thanks Gerry,
It seems like every time something starts in Central Florida it dies out.
We need to get something going on this garbage bill.