Florida (DBPR) approved InterNACHI's FREE, online WDO inspection course for 12 hours.

Florida Department of Professional Regulation (DBPR) approved InterNACHI’s free, online Wood-Destroying Organism Inspection course for 12 hours of continuing education.

So what are the implications of this to the average home inspector that does not perform WDO’s?

Even if you don’t offer WDO inspection services for a separate fee… it is good to be able to recognize WDO damage when you see it during a general home inspection. This course helps you do that. And as an extra bonus, the state of Florida (and many other states) counts it toward your state-mandated home inspector continuing education requirements.

Thanks. Was just curious if it were some state cert exam to qualify to perform them (not that I want to)

Most certainly if you treat for WDO.

It’s very hard to get a WDO license in Florida. They require a lot. I am certified here and through Purdue University, and they won’t even consider either towards a WDO license. I’ve partnered with Terminix and give a free termite inspection with every home inspection I sell. They won’t do WDO’s needed for closing for free, but they will do the standard termite inspection for free.