Silence. Mute. (X})
No progress and times go by…:roll:come July and what??#-o
Nick, what is going on?:frowning: Any word?](*,) Any clue?:-;; Any plans?:-({|=

They cannot do anything until March when the new legislative sessions opens. I am sure they are working behind the scenes until then.

They rewrote the grandfathering clause of the legislation and are waiting to enact it.

And they wrote what?:smiley:
Any hints as to what is coming Nick?

As usual, the people that it will affect the most are the ones who are kept in the dark.
Do you feel that this is going to be of benefit to inspectors at all?
I was at the Orlando meeting last year where they ran out of books, there was not enough seating and I didn’t get the impression that they really heard what we had to say. I know they were quite shocked at the huge turnout, but there was little to no discussion because of the limited time they alloted to the meeting. They were in a hurry to move on to the next meeting and fulfill their obligation.
Whenever government gets involved in the private sector it is always at the expense of the honest people in the private sector.